PyPI link to release 2021.2.12 Documentation for release 2021.2.12

Python Changes


  • Dropped support for Python 3.6 and added support for Python 3.9 (#246).


  • Typo fix in BEZ_curve_intersections (C ABI) for the upper bound on intersections_size (#232). H/T to @KIKI007.

  • Adding documentation for the BEZIER_DLL_HASH environment variable (#239). This environment variable is an escape hatch used during build and testing; it does not apply to bezier at runtime.

Breaking Changes

  • Moved non-public / experimental bezier._clipping module to bezier.hazmat.clipping (#225).

  • Removed normalization from bezier.hazmat.clipping.compute_implicit_line() (#233). This avoided unnecessary flops and allowed the clip_range() docstring example to produce an exact answer instead of an approximate one.