PyPI link to release 2020.5.19 Documentation for release 2020.5.19

Python Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Using importlib.metadata to locate extra-dll on Windows, caused by the behavior of the conda-supplied setuptools in Python 3.8 (#208, fixed #206).

Breaking Changes

  • Created bezier.hazmat subpackage (fixed #170).

    • Moved non-public bezier._py_helpers module to bezier.hazmat.helpers (#201).

    • Moved non-public bezier._algebraic_intersection module to bezier.hazmat.algebraic_intersection (#216).

    • Moved non-public bezier._py_curve_helpers module to bezier.hazmat.curve_helpers (#218).

    • Moved non-public bezier._py_triangle_intersection module to bezier.hazmat.triangle_intersection (#219).

    • Moved non-public bezier._py_triangle_helpers module to bezier.hazmat.triangle_helpers (#220).

    • Moved non-public bezier._py_intersection_helpers module to bezier.hazmat.intersection_helpers (#222).

    • Moved non-public bezier._py_geometric_intersection module to bezier.hazmat.geometric_intersection (#223).


  • Updated binary-extension doc to refer to bezier.libs (#211). This is based on a change to auditwheel from the 3.1.0 release.

  • Removed algorithms/algebraic-helpers document since the bezier.hazmat.algebraic_intersection module is now fully documented (#216).

  • Updated from https://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy to https://numpy.org for references to the NumPy documentation (#221).

  • Removed algorithms/geometric-helpers document since the functions and classes there are now fully documented in bezier.hazmat (#223).